Framework Beta
Step into a new era of productivity and collaboration with Framework: the ultimate all-in-one cloud platform designed for high-performing teams and efficiency-driven professionals.
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Available on every device
Framework Beta
Step into a new era of productivity and collaboration with Framework: the ultimate all-in-one cloud platform designed for high-performing teams and efficiency-driven professionals.
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Available on every device
Why Make the Switch?
Explore the benefits
Framework revolutionizes work by creating a user-adaptive workspace, empowering teams to collaborate and stay focused on their projects without feeling overwhelmed.

The goal is to make work intuitive by molding the workspace to the user rather than forcing the user to adapt to the workspace.
Cognitive Overload
Current digital work practices often result in a loss of four work hours each week due to constant switching between apps and tabs, costing businesses up to $5,000 per employee each year.
Minimum Interactions
Framework simplifies work by reducing app-switching and enhancing mental clarity. Our unique desktop canvas consolidates all your tools, reducing cognitive stress and saving costs by eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions.
Maximum Efficiency
Framework offers a centralized hub for all tools, files, and communications, promoting productivity, boosting efficiency, and fostering a more concentrated work environment.
A New Dimension of Productivity
One platform. Infinite potential.
Think of Frames as the evolution of widgets and apps. Every 'app' on Framework exists as a Frame, providing a powerful and dynamic function within your workspace that reduces the number of interactions.
They can be grid-locked to an infinitely scrolling desktop called Boards, each of which can be further separated into different tabs known as Panes.
Frames can be resized and repositioned according to your needs, providing you with the freedom to customize your workspace to your heart's content.
Frames create the ultimate multitasking experience for power users and beginners alike.
Framework delivers an all-inclusive suite of tools designed to cater to every facet of your business operations, from word processing, spreadsheets, presentations to project management, email, and much more.
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Your Digital Compass
The Navigator
Meet the Navigator, a convenient sidebar serving as your interactive guide through Framework. It's purpose-built to accommodate your Boards, neatly grouped into Spaces that stand at the pinnacle of our hierarchical design.
Scalable environment
Spaces are your primary organizational units within the Navigator. Each Space has its own admin and billing, simplifying the management of various life areas such as work and school. The Navigator allows you to access all Boards from every Space, promoting seamless data consolidation.
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Frameboards integrate a host of cross-space data consolidation features like a master calendar, goals, and workflows, all designed to reduce app-switching and enhance productivity.
Boards allow you to switch between smaller horizontal layouts or larger vertical ones based on your needs, while maintaining legibility of overlay content.
Use Folders and their unlimited Subfolders to handle complex organizational needs, while keeping the user interface clean and simple. Enjoy additional structure within the Navigator using the accordion-style dropdown design for Groups.
Connect. Collaborate. Conquer.
Seamless communication
Discover a new world of team interaction and project coordination with Framework's integrated communication tools, ensuring that your team stays connected and productive at all times.
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Strengthen team connections through crystal-clear video calls, interactive features, and seamless integration with other Framework apps for a truly collaborative experience.
Unify your team's communication with a powerful messaging app that consolidates social media messages and supports internal messaging for efficient collaboration.
Manage your emails effortlessly with a professional email application featuring custom domain registration, multiple layout options, and advanced inbox organization.
Your Accessible Toolbox
The Launcher
The launcher is a dock at the bottom of your screen that contains all your minimized Frames. It's designed for simplicity and ease-of-use while ensuring your vital tools are just a click away.
The Launcher houses the minimized Frames for each Space, automatically updating as you switch between them. This ensures an intuitive, user-centric interface that adapts to your needs in real-time.
Expand it to reveal the Drawer, housing all your installed Frames. Access the Controller for a view of all minimized Frames across Spaces, ensuring smooth navigation and productivity.
Move items, pin your most-used tools, and customize your workspace according to your preferences. Your pinned items remain consistent across all Spaces, offering you the freedom to tailor your digital environment.
Everything at a glance
The Launcher ensures your workspace stays organized, efficient, and user-friendly. It's designed with your productivity at its heart.
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The Power of Community
The WorkShop
The WorkShop is Framework's dynamic community marketplace where users can explore and purchase Frames, Themes, and Templates to customize their experience, bringing their unique vision to life.

Dive into The WorkShop and unlock the full potential of the Framework platform, harnessing the power of community-driven innovation and customization to revolutionize the way you work.
For users
Discover an ever-growing collection of Frames, Themes, and Templates, designed to optimize organization and efficiency.
Browse the WorkShop from any screen, making it easy to find the perfect tools for your specific needs at any time.
Customize your Framework experience with a wide range of user-created options, tailoring the experience to your individual business needs.
For developers
Share your creations with the Framework community, helping to foster a thriving ecosystem of productivity tools.
Monetize your work by offering premium Frames, Themes, and Templates to other Framework users.
Collaborate with fellow developers, learning from one another and continuously improving the WorkShop.
Your Dynamic Copilot
The Commander
The Commander is a dynamic and context-sensitive top bar designed to make your Framework experience effortless and intuitive.
Work smarter, not harder
The Commander offers a suite of controls specific to the Frame in focus. This ensures a streamlined workflow and reduces cognitive load, allowing you to navigate your tasks efficiently.
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Housed within the Commander, the Bridge grants you access to all system preferences from any screen. From notifications to themes, control every aspect of your Framework experience at your convenience.
Gain quick access to a range of functions such as joining meetings, replying to messages, updating your status, and peeking at your current calendar event or time-tracking task without leaving your screen.
Showcase your bio, calendar availability, file attachments, and website links publicly with a shareable link, so you can consolidate all your essential personal information in one convenient location.
The Magic of Artificial Intelligence
Genie AI
Introducing Genie, Framework's built-in AI assistant, designed to optimize your workflow and provide support across all apps and features, always available with a click or by saying “Genie”. Effortlessly handles multiple conversations and provides real-time translation, fostering seamless collaboration.
Access Genie across all Framework apps and features, ensuring consistent and reliable support.
Enjoy a conversational and user-focused tone, designed to appeal to your needs and goals.
Experience the difference of an AI assistant that allows for complete customizability.
Choose from a variety of voice and personality options to create a truly customized AI assistant experience.
Watch Genie auto-update documents and databases with info from relevant sources, creating a dynamic repository.
Leverage Genie's ability to adapt to your working style, providing tailored support and preferences.
Maximum Efficiency. Minimum Cost.
Save by cutting subscriptions
Reduce costs and streamline your workflow by consolidating your digital tools with Framework's 70+ versatile features.
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Centralizes your workflows and tasks, offering customizable columns for easy progress tracking and organization. It keeps your projects on track, making task management a breeze.
Merges your entire calendar into a single view, aiding efficient schedule management. Stay ahead of your commitments and never miss an important date again.
Provides a unified platform for setting, managing, and tracking goals. Celebrate milestones and fuel progress with comprehensive progress tracking features and morale-boosting achievements.
Facilitates the creation of engaging presentations. With a wide range of formatting options, including shapes, databases, media, animations, and a presenter's prompter, your presentations will never be the same.
Offers a bird's-eye view of your information in a colour-coded network view with advanced filtering options, helping you visualize connections and organize your data efficiently.
A block-style document editor with extensive styling options, from font sizes and positioning to text decoration and block styling. Craft your documents with ease and precision.
Superior Security and Data Protection
Commitment to privacy
Framework is designed with a firm commitment to the highest security standards. We value your data's safety, providing comprehensive security features.
Uncompromising Standards
Framework adopts strict security standards to continuously protect your data. Our system prioritizes the safeguarding of your information, documents, and communications, allowing you to focus on your work without any concerns about data security.
Open-Source Codebase
Coming soon
Upholding a culture of openness, we will soon allow public auditing of our security practices. In a bid to enhance community engagement and foster a cycle of continuous improvement, we welcome contributions from the broader user community to our open codebase.
Robust Encryption
Framework uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your sensitive information is secure during transmission and storage. We leverage Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) encryption, an advanced protocol where a unique private encryption key is generated for each session.
User-Controlled Privacy
Framework provides you the authority to define your privacy settings. You can customize access and sharing permissions according to your needs. Additionally, we ensure the encryption of your data, regardless of it being in transit or stored within our platform, guaranteeing access only to those authorized by you.
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