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Scalable solutions for complex projects
The Streamlined Hub For All Your Online Needs.
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Of A Modern OS Built For The People
Get quick access to the information you need with Frames, interactive widgets that function like app windows. No more switching between programs to find what you're looking for - just a scroll and you're there.
Our infinite scrolling canvas allows you to display as many Frames as you need, and our grid-locked system keeps them from overlapping, making it easy to switch between different apps and services and keep your workspace organized and easy to navigate.
Customize your interface and organize your life with Framework's flexible 7-level hierarchy. Whether you're managing complex projects with multiple teams or simply organizing your personal apps and tasks, our system allows you to segment your digital life in a way that works for you.
Microsoft Office and Google Workspace are being banned by governments and businesses worldwide for their intrusive data collection practices.
Because Framework is not reliant on advertising revenue, it has no incentive to collect and use your data.
This means that your personal information is less likely to be exposed to security vulnerabilities or shared with third parties without your knowledge.
the violation
of your privacy
Framework offers an intrusion-free
environment for ultimate security.
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