Step into a new era of productivity and collaboration with Framework, the ultimate all-in-one platform designed to streamline your workflow and make staying organized effortless.
Infinitely scrolling canvas
7 levels of hierarchy for organization
The most advanced AI assistant
Open-source codebase
Bustling community marketplace
70+ productivity features
Why Make The Switch?
By integrating various responsibilities within a single platform, Framework enables users to concentrate on individual tasks, enhancing productivity and simplifying even the most intricate projects.
Limited Customization
Conventional productivity tools often lack organizational flexibility and customization options, hindering teams working on complex projects.
Adaptable Hierarchy
A versatile 7-tier hierarchy system designed to accommodate your specific workflows and preferences, streamlining access to crucial information when needed.
Enhanced Focus
Consolidates responsibilities across various aspects of your work, enabling you to concentrate on individual tasks and improve overall productivity.
Framework's commitment to transparency and the option for users to independently review our codebase instills a sense of confidence and control over your personal information, raising the bar for security standards in the digital workspace.
Privacy Concerns
Big Tech companies compromise user privacy and security by collecting personal data through closed-source databases inaccessible to the public.
Transparent & Ad-Free
An open-source platform featuring a publicly available codebase and a revenue model that doesn't rely on advertising, ensuring user data remains private and secure.
Confidence & Control
Complete transparency allows users to independently audit our codebase, providing peace of mind and greater control over their personal data.
By enabling teams to sustain productivity without feeling inundated, Framework sets the stage for streamlined workflows and seamless collaboration, empowering your team to excel on their project.
Cognitive Overload
Remote teams face inefficiency and waste up to 4 hours per week due to constant switching between multiple apps and browser tabs to accomplish tasks.
Minimum Interactions
A user-friendly, all-in-one productivity space that integrates app windows and browser tabs into a seamlessly scrolling, grid-based canvas.
Maximum Efficiency
Empowers teams to maintain productivity without getting overwhelmed or distracted by unrelated screens, leading to more effective and efficient workflows.
A New Dimension of Productivity
One Platform, Endless Possibilities
Framework is the world’s first open-source operating system built for remote teams that combines all your work tools into one unified platform, making it easy to stay organized, efficient, and collaborative across all your devices, while enabling faster and more effective teamwork.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Easily navigate and manage your apps, documents, and projects with our intuitive sidebar layout.
Customize your board to highlight the tools and information you need most.
Experience a user-friendly and adaptable interface designed to help you work more efficiently than ever before. Framework's sidebar organization structure allows you to tailor your work environment to suit your preferences, maximizing productivity and user satisfaction.
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Connect, Collaborate, Conquer
Discover a new world of team interaction and project coordination with Framework's integrated communication tools, ensuring that your team stays connected and productive at all times.
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Manage your emails effortlessly with a professional email application featuring custom domain registration, multiple layout options, and advanced inbox organization.
Strengthen team connections through crystal-clear video calls, interactive features, and seamless integration with other Framework apps for a truly collaborative experience.
Unify your team's communication with a powerful messaging app that consolidates social media messages and supports internal messaging for efficient collaboration.
Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Cost
Manage workflows and tasks efficiently with customizable features to keep projects on track.
Consolidate your calendar and stay on top of commitments with this time management tool.
Set and track goals with a central hub, celebrating milestones and driving progress.
Get a bird's-eye view of your data to visualize connections and stay organized.
Reduce costs and streamline your workflow by consolidating your digital tools with Framework's versatile apps.
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Create engaging presentations with ease using a wide range of formatting options and features.
Craft documents with the block-style editor, offering comprehensive styling options.
Unlock The Magic Of Genie AI
Introducing Genie, Framework's built-in AI assistant, designed to optimize your workflow and provide support across all apps and features, always available with a click or a “Hey Genie”.
Seamless integration
Access Genie across all Framework apps and features, ensuring consistent and reliable support.
Enjoy a conversational and user-focused tone, designed to appeal to your needs and goals.
Experience the difference of an AI assistant that sets Framework apart from competitors in terms of customization.
Customizable and adaptive
Choose from a variety of voice and personality options to create a truly customized AI assistant experience.
Watch Genie auto-update documents and databases with info from relevant web sources, creating a dynamic repository.
Leverage Genie's ability to adapt to your working style, providing tailored support and preferences.
Effortlessly handles multiple conversations and provides real-time translation, fostering seamless collaboration.
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Your Privacy Is Our Priority
User-Centric Privacy Controls
Take control of your privacy with customizable settings, allowing you to fine-tune access and sharing permissions according to your needs and preferences.
Robust Encryption
End-to-end encryption keeps your data secure, whether it's in transit or stored within the platform, ensuring that only authorized users have access to it.
Compliance with Regulators
Framework adheres to security and data protection standards, guaranteeing that your data is handled with the utmost care and diligence, disappointing hackers and thieves.
Open-Source Codebase
Our commitment to transparency means that our codebase is open for public audits and contributions, so you can trust that Framework is continually evolving and enhancing its security measures.
The Power Of Community
The WorkShop is Framework's dynamic community marketplace where users can explore and purchase Frames, Themes, and Templates to customize their experience, bringing their unique vision to life.
Explore the possibilities
Discover an ever-growing collection of Frames, Themes, and Templates, designed to optimize organization and efficiency.
Browse the WorkShop from any screen, making it easy to find the perfect tools for your specific needs at any time.
Customize your Framework experience with a wide range of user-created options, setting your business apart from the competition.
Contribute to the ecosystem
Share your creations with the Framework community, helping to foster a thriving ecosystem of productivity tools.
Monetize your work by offering premium Frames, Themes, and Templates to other Framework users.
Collaborate with fellow developers, learning from one another and continuously improving the WorkShop.
Dive into The WorkShop and unlock the full potential of the Framework platform, harnessing the power of community-driven innovation and customization to revolutionize the way you work.
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The Framework Advantage
Color Your Way to Better Organization
Easily categorize and visualize your tasks, notes, and projects using Framework's color coding feature. Assign colors to items, making it simple to identify priorities and stay organized across all apps.
Showcase Your Persona with The Bridge
The Bridge is your personalized canvas to display your bio, calendar availability, file attachments, and website links. Make it public with a shareable link and create a unique platform for networking, collaboration, and showcasing your talents.
Browse the Web in Style with Atlas
Enjoy an innovative web browsing experience within the Framework platform. Our built-in browser is designed for smooth navigation, with features like vertical scrolling tab lists and secure autofill settings.
Supercharge Your Workflow with Automations
Experience the power of Framework's automations, designed to optimize workflows across all frames. Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and streamlining your processes for maximum efficiency.
Transform Data into Powerful Insights
Framework offers robust data management and visualization capabilities, with multiple databases and chart options to display your data. Create and customize visual representations for better analysis and understanding.
Unmatched Privacy with Local Storage
Introducing Framework Local, a separate download designed for users who prioritize maximum security. Store all of your Framework files on your local storage drive, ensuring sensitive data and information remains private and secure, free from cloud-based storage risks.
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